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Gelatin Capsules
Material: 100% bovine bone gelatin
Filling rate: 99.99%
Shelf life: 5 years
Standard: CHP , EP , USP
Application: Pharmaceutical & Nutritional and Dietary supplement industry
Packing: Double PP bag + 7 layer corrugated carton





● Company qualified with GMP , BRC , ISO9001 , ISO14001

● Capsule certificated with FDA , DMF , Halal , Kosher

● Employ strict internal quality control standard which is higher than industry standard, especially on the critical control points

● Free of GMO, BSE/TSE,Allergenic,etc

● No preservatives, No ethylene oxide

● High-stable filling rate on both high-speed and semi-automatic machines,like Italian IMA, MG2, Korean Sejong, Germany Bosch,and all of Chinese Brand,etc

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