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Liquid chromatograph
Model and specification: 1260 of Agilent company. The liquid chromatograph is an instrument that uses the difference of the distribution ratio of the mixture between liquid-solid or immiscible two liq
Laboratory operation room
① Chromatography room: A set of gas chromatograph and a set of high performance liquid chromatograph are placed to detect the residue and content of substances;② Original absorption chamber: place a s
Lamp detector
Model: DH-ACI1800.There are five groups of high-speed cameras to take 360 degree photos and detect the empty capsules, and detect the defective empty capsules without dead angle in an all-round way, s
Filling machine
Model: Fuchang NJS-2500b automatic capsule filling machine, which can timely and accurately detect the loading rate of empty capsules to ensure that the loading rate of products meets the company's in
Gas chromatograph
Model and specification: 7820A of Agilent company. Agilent gas chromatography system integrates innovative technology, instrument intelligent function and excellent reliability, which can meet the nee
Texture analyzer
Model and specification, CT3 texture analyzer produced by Brookfield, increases the vertical displacement of the probe, which can meet the test of large samples, provides temperature display accessori